Hamilton Selway - Www.hamiltonselway.com: COMPLETE FRAUDSTERS

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Just unbelievable.Mr.Selway has to be the most conceited, obnoxious and nasty man I have ever dealt with.

It was all sweetness & light at first until I dared question his opinion. I was suspicious after I got my Roy Lichtenstein print as it didn't seem to have the correct Blindstamping. Mr.Selway still didn't budge, even after I pointed this out. After months of time and effort I got my print back from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation.

It had been marked as a fake. I phone Mr.Selway up again and I get this line of *** about how long they've been in Business and how experienced they all are. Well, it doesn't stop you from selling FAKES does it? Even the Foundation said so.

I am not sure who to contact next as I am now also receiving physical threats from these people. All I wanted was some Art. I am furious.

Phil Selway even stated that I could do very little about it as I wasn't a US Citizen.Buyer Beware of these common criminals.

Review about: Roy Lichtenstein Art Print.



....and now I am getting threatening emails!!They have enough cheek to say they don't know who I am now, to their celeb friends!

So why the threats?

Well I've got the evidence and I've already sent this piece into Interpol's Fraud Division.Let's see what they make of it?

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